* Rates are subject to change

Share/Savings Accounts 
Club Accounts 
 VACATION CLUB0.10% Div. Rate0.10% APY *
 HOLIDAY CLUB0.10% Div. Rate0.10% APY *
   *HOLIDAY CLUB: No Minimum. You cannot withdraw from this account during the year. Can be opened anytime during the year, but runs from 10/01 to 9/30. Dividends will be paid at maturity (before checks are mailed out).
   *VACATION CLUB: $5.00 Minimum. Can withdraw anytime during the year. Dividends paid quarterly.
   *Dividends will not be paid on balances under $100.00
IRA Accounts
 IRA-ROTH-EDUCATION0.80% Div. Rate0.80% APY *
   $50 Minimum  
   If closed within dividend period, no dividend will be paid for that quarter  
Share Draft Accounts
   No Fee
  Must open with $50.00
  VISA Check Card available - You can use any CU Dollar or PNC ATM free of charge
  1st 50 checks free
Share Savings
 REGULAR SHARES0.10% Div. Rate0.10% APY *
   $50 Minimum. Must Maintain $50.00 Balance 
  Dividends will not be paid on balances under $100.00
  Paid Quarterly
Certificates Of Deposit
  Not available at this time  
Loan Accounts
Unsecured Loans (Signature)
 Signature LoanRate 5.9% APR to 9.9% APR *   - Terms depending on amount borrowed
   $500 Minimum $7500 Maximum 10% Required in Share/Savings Maximum $500.00
Share-Secured Loans
 Share Secured Loan
  100% Required in Shares 
Under $5000.00 - 5.9% APR *
$5001.00 & Over - 4.9% APR *
Vehicle Loans
 New (Never been titled) Vehicles48 Months @ 4.9% APR *
 USED ( UP TO 3 YEARS OLD )48 Months @ 5.5% APR *
60 Months @ 5.9% APR *
72 Months @ 6.2% APR (over $15,000.00) *
 USED ( 4 TO 6 YEARS OLD )48 Months @ 7.9% APR *
   National Automobile Dealers Association  National Automobile Dealers Association  
Home Equity Loans
 *Contact office for information  
Better Choice Loans
 $500.00 - No credit check required.
  $20.00 Application fee
  Must be repaid in 3 months
15% APR on Payroll Deduction *
18% APR on Coupon Book *
Other Services
  • VISA Credit Card -     9.9% APR -     NO ANNUAL FEE.     Call for details *
  • Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance on loans is available where loan payments are made after a 14 day waiting period in case of sickness or injury.
  • Cancer Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance is also available. If interested, please contact our office for forms. This will be deducted from your Share Accounts as premiums become due.
  • Little Giant is pleased to announce that the three most popular Aflac programs are now available direct to members.
     Click here for more details.
Fees & Disclosures
Share (Savings) Account Fees
 Early Termination (within 90 days of opening) $10.00
Escheatment Fees$100.00
 Inactive Account Fee (after 12-months of inactivity on overall relationship)$1.00 / month
 Transfer Fees $5.00
Share Draft (Checking Acocunt) Fees
 Copy of Check Fee $3.00
 Copy of Statement Fee $5.00
 Non-Sufficient Funds (share drafts, ACH, ATM Fees) $30.00
 Stop Payment - Withdrawal Check $20.00
 Transfer Fees (to cover an overdraft) $5.00
 Wire Fees $15.00
Lending (Loan) Fees
 Loan Late Payment Fee (after 10 days grace period) $15.00
 VISA® Card Late Payment Fee (after 10 days grace period) $15.00
Other Fees
 Returned Mail Fee $3.00


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